The single most defining problem of “blogs” is probably not the pretention of wisdom or wit, but rather that – compared to real life at least – one cannot reliably inflict their views upon others. In conversation, the other person is positively obligated to hear at least the first few scentences out. Physical pieces of text – books, magazines, newspapers, journals, articles – all require some preparatory effort from the reader to obtain the material in the first place; so they are bound, at least by a feeble desire to not have wasted their time, to at least read a paragraph or so. With writing published online, the only barrier in the way of a potential reader and the ‘back’ button is an unholy marriage of luck and split-second attention grabbing.

So with a willfull disregard, I have setup this site to dispose of my random thoughts with the foresight to realise that – despite the content being globally accessible – it will likely never be read.

Now, where is the darned spell checker…